Environmental Services

Dr. Espey has developed a strong environmental staff with many years of experience in providing environmental engineering services to clients throughout the State of Texas, the nation and the global community. Key staff members in environmental services are David Harkins, Ph.D., P.E., Wayne Hunter, P.E., Victoria Richards Harkins, Ph.D., P.E., and Tony Smith, P.E. In addition to this exceptional professional staff, EC has the technical and supportive staff to complete any environmental project. ECís strong partnership with clients in industry and government are key to providing exceptional and creative environmental services. Environmental scientists and engineers team together to provide the right blend of technologies to creatively, effectively, and efficiently meet the challenge of completing any environmental project.

EC will assign key staff members to each project and will make the necessary commitment of the firm to ensure efficient and timely completion of each task and request.


  • Experience Working with Private Clients on Environmental Projects.
  • Responsiveness to Clients.
  • Project Communication Among the Development Team.
  • Commitment to Project Schedule.
  • Delivery of Services On Time, Every Time.
  • Track Record and Name Recognition as a Leader in the Industry.
  • Eager and Ready to Serve.

Comprehensive Capabilities


  • Water Treatment Design
  • Distribution System Modeling and Design
  • Pump Station Designs
  • Monitoring
  • Water and Sewer Utility Service
  • Water and Sewer Rate Making


  • Wastewater Treatment Design
  • Effluent Permitting, Disposal, and Reuse
  • Nutrient Analysis and Removal Design
  • Wastewater Collection Design
  • Reuse Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • Sampling


  • Air Permitting (Title V, NSR, and PSD)
  • Regulatory and Compliance Assessment
  • Emissions Evaluation and Solution Design


  • Leachate Collection System Design
  • Liner Design
  • Landfill Planning and Design
  • Stormwater Systems
  • Groundwater Monitoring Design
  • Air Permitting
  • Closure Design
  • Post Closure Analysis and Sampling


  • All Aspects of Phase I Assessment


  • Wetlands Classifications
  • Wetland Analysis and Design

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