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In Process

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City of Cibolo

Contact Name:
Honorable Mayor Johnny Sutton
(210) 658-9900

Nature of the Work:

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Transportation

City of Cibolo Master Plan

Project Description

EC was selected in June 2004 by the City of Cibolo to prepare an update to the City's 1995 Plan. Within the nine years that have past since the original 1995 Plan was adopted, the City has more than tripled its population. The last two years have each seen 25% growth in single-family building permits, and once-small town Cibolo is changing.

The 2004 Master Plan is an effort to capture, harness, and direct the growth to diversify the City's economic base, retain its small-town charm, and provide coordinated, adequate infrastructure.

Services Provided

EC is working with the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, Parks and Recreation Commission and general citizens to prepare a Master Plan with the following Elements: Economic Development, Housing, Future Land Use, Transportation, Central Business District, Parks and Recreation, and a special section on Water Supply Strategies.

To solicit direct input from the public, EC prepared, deployed, and analyzed the results of an on-line Community Issues Survey. The results of the survey have demonstrated community priorities, and the public input process has helped shape policy directions and recommendations. A project website was developed to provide current information about upcoming meetings, review of draft documents, schedule, and post questions about the process.

EC performed an existing Land Use Analysis to evaluate growth patterns, and relative deficiencies and surpluses in land use types. EC also prepared population projections to assist in Capital Improvements planning and Future Land Use planning. EC worked with community advisory groups on policy issues such as neighborhood connectivity, downtown revitalization, greenbelt and parkland development, design standards, and housing options.

For each plan element (housing, economic development, future land-use, CBD transportation, water supply), EC formulated a series of goal, policies, and programs. Each program identified in the plan is a specific action item to be taken in support of the specific policy, and further the goal.

One of the goals that EC realized during the project was to provide a carefully integrated plan. The CBD element brought together the community’s desire for a pedestrian-friendly community gathering place to anchor the City’s identity with its history. Drainage improvements coordinated with park and greenbelt improvements are focused at the downtown, creating a central, mixed civic space.


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